Despair into Hope

Destiny into Duty

I am literally the one person on the internet who loves the ending. I literally stated this exact occurrence a few weeks ago as my ideal end. I’m laughing so hard as the internet rages.

I also like the LOST ending.

I am actually Satan.

Disappointed. (Long rant about QAF.)


So last night I finished watching all 5 season of Queer As Folk on Netflix. (The American version.) I loved it, expect for the very last episode. I mean, so much happened leading up to Brian finally telling Justin he loves him and wants to marry him, then they cancel the wedding, Justin leaves,…

I actually spent 8 years avoiding the last episode because I knew it ended with them not together. And then a few months ago I rewatched the full series, fell so deeply in love with it again, and watched through to the bitter end. And you know what, it wasn’t that bad for me.

I had my disappointments, yes. So much build up only for them to be apart. But are they really? For the first time in the show I feel like Brian has come to exact terms with he and Justin. There were many, many times it seemed like it, but then commitment was put in his face and he would run from it. Not this time. This time he made the commitment to Justin with the ‘It’s only time’ remark, which is beautiful.

My problems with the end of the show come more in strangely out of character moments, interesting when you hear rumours that Gale and Randy on set weren’t happy with the direction their characters were taking and that was part of the reason the show ended at 5 seasons, though the truth of that we might never know. Justin, wonderful Justin, dropping everyone he loves to run to New York with no plan, no money, and barely a place to stay never quite jivved with me. It seemed to much like season one Brian. There’s a bunch of other little things, mostly sprinkled in the last twenty minutes, around various characters, that boggle my mind.

I read a quote that in an interview Randy Harrison said that perhaps the last 20 minutes, the time after Ted blew out the candles on his cake, were a fantasy. The way it could have ended if Ted’s wish came true.

I like that theory, because it explains the things that drive me nuts.


My poor heart.. I can’t.. too much feels TT^TT <3 


by Sana

Wedding ring on Mycroft???

Right hand. And he&#8217;s had it the whole show, not just series 3.





Anderson is literally the human embodiment of the Sherlock fandom.


Anderson is literally the human embodiment of the Sherlock fandom.

Day One - When You Started Watching Sailor MoonI started watching Sailor Moon long, long ago when it was on TV before I went to school. I got up early in the mornings to watch it. This was before it aired on Toonami. However, I really fell in love when it aired on Toonami. I would record it everyday because it started while I was still at school.